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【演講公告】許光燦先生 My experiences in Biotechnology




講題:My experiences in Biotechnology




Session 1:  General Topics in Biotechnology
Session 2:  Drug Development
Session 3:  Scale-up of Chemical Process



Kuang T Hsu (許 光 燦)


BS: Biology from Catholic Fu-Jen University
MS: Chemical Engineering from Purdue University                                              
MEM (Master of Engineering Management) from Northwestern University

Working Experiences:

1.American Maize-Product Co.: Process Engineer
   Corn processing: Solid/Liquid separation; Process Optimization

2.Miles Labs: Associate Research Scientist
   a. Pilot plant operation: Enzyme and drug intermediates.
   b. Technical transfer (Immobilized Glucose Isomerase and Citricacid isolation)

3.Searle Labs (NeutraSweet): Research Investigator, Group leader (Pilot plant), and  Senior Chemical Engineer.
   a.Isolation of L-Phe from fermentation broth
   b.Development of Aspartam process from lab to commercialization

4.Zonagen Inc.: Manager of Chemical and Process Development and Manager of Analytical Lab.
   Development of contraceptive vaccine
   Cloning of Zona peptides
   Manufacturing of Adjuvant (Chitosan)
   Development of ED (Erectile dysfunction) drug, Phentolamine


5.Opexa Phamaceutics Inc.: Senior Scientist
   Development of Vaccine for MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

6.Repros Pharmaceutical Inc: Director of Manufacturing and Analytical  Systems.
   a.Development of Androxal (treatment of hypogonadism) from lab to IND and NDA.
   b.Developmenp of Proellex (Treatment of uterine fibroids and endometriosis) from lab to phase III clinical trial.