Anti-Globo H mAb for Cancer Therapy (抗醣抗原Globo H單株抗體在癌症治療的應用)


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Anti-Globo H mAb for Cancer Therapy

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Name: Joseph Liu

Title: Project Manager


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Summary of Invention:

Globo H is one of the surface markers in various cancer cells, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer , thyroid cancer, and liver cancer. The anti-Globo H monoclonal antibody targets Globo H expressing cancer cells and eradicates the cancer through ADCC and CDC.


Advantages when compared to the existing technologies:

  • In contrast to the anti-Her2 mAb (i.e. Trastuzumab) which targets 20% of breast cancer patients, the anti-Globo H mAb will cover more than 60% of total breast cancer patients.
  • With the specificity to Globo H, the anti-Globo H mAb enhances the antibody-mediated tumor cell eradication by ADCC and CDC.

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US, PCT, TW patents filed

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Antibody-mediated cancer therapy