Antibody Therapeutics Conference 2017: Oncology, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases


Greetings! Taiwan Antibody Association “Antibody Therapeutics Conference 2017: Oncology, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases” will be held on November 3rd, 2017 at Academia Sinica in Taiwan. The first annual ATC forum was held in 2013. Since then, during these years, application of antibody therapeutics has been successful and has progressed vigorously across the world. In TAA, we aim to effectively coordinate among the industrial, governmental, academic, and research institutions to develop advanced emerging technologies for effective discovery, production and translation in antibody therapeutics.

This year, the meeting covers a broad spectrum of topics on the new advances, including treatment of cancers, immune-mediated and infectious diseases. This meeting aims to provide scientists an opportunity to face-to-face discuss the comprehensive scientific knowledge and experiences on how to develop a therapeutic antibody from discovery, development to commercialization.

We sincerely thank each of your for attending and supporting our meeting and bringing your expertise to our gathering. We wish you a pleasant experience in Taiwan and the ATC 2017.


Friday November 3rd, 2017
Venue: 2F the First Conference Room, the Center of Academic Activities, Academia Sinica




Scientific Program





0830 - 0900


0900 - 0910

Opening Remarks
Dr. Lawrence Gan
President/CEO, Foresee Pharmaceuticals; Director of Taiwan Antibody Association



Academician Andrew H.-J. Wang
Distinguished Visiting Chair, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica; President-elect, IUBMB

0910 - 0955

Keynote speech: Tissue-based biomarker measurements in immune-oncology: where are we at and where we are heading

Dr. Angelo De Marzo
Professor, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University

Session I: Perspectives on Current Trends & Future Opportunities 


Dr. Herbert Wu
President, Development Center for Biotechnology

1000 - 1035

Fill the Gap and Share the Success

Dr. Qinhua Cindy Ru
EVP, Chief Scientific Officer, CARsgen Therapeutics

1035 - 1050

Coffee break

1050 - 1120

Development of Anti-Rabies MAbs for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

Dr. Eric Tsao
CEO, Synermore Biologics

Session II: Emerging Targets


Dr. Chien-Tsun Kuan
Deputy Executive Director, Institute of Biologics, Development Center for Biotechnology

1125 - 1200

Engineering Immune Effector Molecules for the Development of Novel Immunotherapies for Cancer and Autoimmunity

Dr. Yoram Reiter
Professor & Head, Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

1200 - 1235

Therapeutic Antibody Discovery at Genentech

Dr. Yan Wu
Director and Principal Scientist, Genentech

1235 -1400

Lunch (Taiwan Antibody Association Members Meeting and Poster Viewing) 

Session III: Technologies for Antibody Discovery, Engineering, and Manufacture


Dr. Chia-Cheng Wu
Executive Director, Institute of Biologics, Development Center for Biotechnology

1405 - 1440

Technologies and their role in the evolution of therapeutic antibodies

Dr. Partha S. Chowdhury
Senior Director and Head, Antibody Discovery at Sanofi Genzyme

1440 - 1510

XenoComputer: Develop fully humanized antibody drugs by computer-aided human V(D)J recombination

Dr. Tian-Lu Cheng
Distinguished Professor, Kaohsiung Medical University

1510 - 1545

Developing Targeted Fusion Proteins for the Treatment of Cancer

Dr. Gregory Adams
Chief Scientific Officer, Eleven Biotherapeutics

1545 - 1615

From TuNEX to LusiNEX, Biologics development in Taiwan

Dr. Karen Wen

1615 - 1635

Coffee break

Session IV: Translation and Development of Antibody Therapeutics


Academician Alice Yu
Distinguished Professor & Co-Director of the Institute of Stem Cell & Cancer Translational Research in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

1640 - 1715

Biomarker Strategy for Therapeutic Antibody In Early Clinical Development

Dr. Larry Lo
Sr. Director R&D, Corvidia Therapeutics

1715 - 1745

Insights from a Success Story of a Local Biotech Leader: Development of Ibalizumab ~the 1st Monoclonal Antibody for HIV Treatment

Dr. Meng-Hsin Chen
Sr. Director R&D, Corvidia Therapeutics

1745 - 1815

PD1/PDL1 checkpoint inhibitor therapy and their roles in the cancer immunotherapy

Dr. James Chih-Hsin Yang
Professor & Director, Graduate Institute of Oncology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University

1815 - 1820

Closing Remarks
Dr. Lawrence Gan
President/CEO, Foresee Pharmaceuticals; Director of Taiwan Antibody Association