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High yield CHO production system

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Name: Pang-Hsi Liu

Title: Project Manager

Telephone(work): +886-02-7700-3830 ext. 37


2019 BioAsia





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  • Field/Type : Cell Engineering/platform  
  • Introduction:

CHO-C, a high yield CHO production system, including the optimized expression vector, IP protected host cell, suspension-adapted CHO cell lines and well established process and feeding strategy, has been developed and already entered into the  commercial stage:

  1. Current feed batch culture has a maximum output of 4.7 g/L. The toolbox includes new high-yield expression vectors, next-generation target integration technology, adaptation of host cells, optimization of culture conditions and feeding strategies.
  2. Compared with the commercially available vector, the antibody yield is about 1.3-2 times and the optimization for different CHO cells are continued. Our next generation target integration technology increase the cell productivity per copy to about 3-5 times higher than that of traditional means. By optimizing the basal medium and feeding strategies, fed-batch culture can further increase the batch production by 7-15 times.
  3. The engineered CHO host cells has been established into the cGMP-grade cell bank, which has a better survival rate and may maintain stably for 100 generations.

All toolboxes and technologies keep being developed and optimized.

  • Application:

Biologics product production

Intellectual Property

US provisional patent, PCT and TW patents applied

Business Opportunity

Biologics product production



  1. 高產量CHO細胞表現系統包含自有載體、自有CHO細胞宿主、及製程開發,提供蛋白藥物開發廠商有別於市面上的CHO表現系統技術之非專屬授權,在抗體的產量及質量皆有競爭力。加上量身打造的製程開發,配合委託服務可提供一整套的技術移轉。
  2. 可提供委託服務: 從載體設計,細胞株開發,高產量位點定點嵌入皆可提供客製化服務。



高產量CHO細胞表現平台 (包括自有載體、自有CHO細胞宿主、及製程開發)。




  1. 具有GMP等級的CHO-C細胞株
  2. 包含自有開發載體及特殊訊息胜肽
  3. 自有開發高產量嵌入位點
  4. 從Flask->250mL->5L生物反應器穩定製程放大
  5. 高產量及高穩定度 (3~5 g/L; 100代穩定度)
  6. 簡易授權模式 (不需royalties/milestone fee)



可應用生產IgG, scFV等不同format抗體蛋白或是重組蛋白。



細胞培養設備; 無菌操作; flask等級或是5L生物反應器










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