Technology/ Title

Perfusion culture and continuous purification process development

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Contact Person

Name: Tony Chung

Title: Project Manager

Telephone(work): +886-02-7700-3800  ext. 5235


2019 BioAsia





Technology Description


  • Field/Type: Advanced production system for biologics
  • Introduction:
    • DCB has established an integrated continuous biomanufacturing system connecting the module of high cell-density perfusion culture to the continuous chromatography system; the VCD  of perfusion culture is 50 ~ 80 x 106 cells/ml and produce antibody of about 2.0 g/L/day within 6 weeks.
  • Advantage:
    • In extreme favor of monitoring or improving quality and quantity.
    • Higher productivity and cost-saving than the traditional fed-batch manufacturing process.
  • Application: Biologics production; adaptation to automation; further adaptation to IOT

Business Opportunity

1.     Integrated continuous bio-manufacturing.

2.     High cell density perfusion culture.

3.     Continuous chromatography for downstream processing.